Genie AWP 30S

Genie AWP 30S

Platform Specifications

Working Height11m
Platform Height9m
Stowed Height1.98m
Lift Capacity159kg
Machine Width0.74m
Platform Width1.14m
Outrigger Footprint1.75m x 1.55m



Additional Information

AWP Super Series.


The AWP models are lighter, more suitable to be carried in vans and to work on sensitive floors, ideal for industrial maintenance, HVAC installation and shopping centres. They’re equipped with 4 stabilisers for increased reliability while working at height.


The AWP-30S Super Series aerial work platform is an industry favorite due to its ease of use, convenience and flexibility. Quick, one-person setup and simple operation – ideal for use in rental, light-duty construction and maintenance applications.

Working Diagrams


Key Features


Easy to Transport

Doorway Access

Easy to Use

Light Weight

Non-marking Tyres

Quick, One-person Setup



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Max Working Height