Genie GR20

Genie GR20

Platform Specifications

Working Height 8.02m
Platform Height 6.02m
Height – stowed 1.98m
Lift Capacity 159kg
Width 0.80m
Length – stowed 1.35m
Drive speed – stowed 113kg
Standard with Extension 1.4 x .75m
Weight 1112kg
Power Electric
Manufacturer Genie



Additional Information

Compact and Light Weight.


The Genie Runabout GR20 lift is a compact, low-weight machine that increases productivity on the job thanks to its ability to fit through doorways and in most passenger elevators. It can be driven through doorways with operator on board. A zero inside turning radius and full elevation drive features make it ideal for warehousing, transporting, inventory management and general maintenance.

Working Diagrams


Key Features



Non Damaging

User Friendly

Zero Inside Turning Radius


Light Weight

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Max Working Height

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