JCB 926

JCB 926

Platform Specifications

Overall Cab Height2.56m
Overall Width2.20m
Inside Width of Cab1.10m
Front Track1.80
Load Centre0.50m
Ground Clearance0.30m
Overall Weight5910kg



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Reliability, Durability and Safety.

When you’re on-site, productivity and performance are naturally your primary concerns. the latest JCB rough terrain forklifts offer plenty of features designed to ensure both. Safety in the workplace is more important than ever, and our new rough terrain forklifts are built with this in mind. operators, machinery and bystanders alike are well-protected from hazards.

Working Diagrams

Working Diagram JCB 926


Key Features


Low Running Costs

Hugely Efficient

4 Speed Transmission

Reliable & Durable

Comfort and Ease of Use

Productivity and Performance

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Max Working Height

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