Skyjack 9250 RT

Skyjack 9250 RT

Platform Specifications

Working Height17.24m
Platform Height15.24m
Travel (H) (Rails raised)3.16m
Min (H) (Rails Lowered)2.29m
Lift Capacity681kg
Machine Width2.34m
Platform Width1.88m
Drive at HeightYes
Deck ExtensionYes



Additional Information

Huge platforms, soaring work heights and heavy duty capacities.

The SJ9250 RT feature an expansive platform, up to 7.21m in length, when both 1.53 m powered extension decks are extended. With working heights up to 17.24 m and standard independent/auto levelling outriggers, these units can meet the needs of even the most challenging job sites.

Working Diagrams


Key Features


4 Wheel Drive

Easily Accessible Engine

Excellent on Rough Ground

Excellent on Outdoor Worksites

Simplistic Control System

1.52m Extension Decks



Additional information


Max Working Height

Power Type