Transforming Safe Working at Height: Harness ON Innovation

Harness ON - New Innovation

Transforming Safe Working at Height: Harness ON Innovation in Powered Access Industry 

Here at Quick Reach, we are thrilled to be able to provide our customers with the new cutting-edge Harness On to actively work at increasing safety in the powered access industry. 


When it comes to working at height, safety is a top priority. The powered access industry has seen some major advancements in technology aimed at helping prevent fatalities during MEWP operation. However, despite these advances, falls from height continue to be a leading cause of accidents in the industry. That’s why we have taken safety to the next level with this revolutionary innovative technology. The product underwent four years of development and many on-site trials to enhance its inductive technology.


Harness ON – How it works 


This intelligent anchor point is permanently shackled to the MEWP’s anchor point and wired electronically into the machine’s function controls. The operator attaches their harness carabiner to Harness ON, which activates the machine to function safely. The product encourages the proper use of harness and attached lanyard. This simple solution doesn’t disrupt the operator’s work, as the machine only powers off when the carabiner is unclipped. Plus, there’s an indicator light that shows the status of the device and ensures a quick and easy visual check. With this innovative safety feature, working at height just got a whole lot safer and more efficient.

Concluding thoughts 


Revolutionising safe working at height, Harness ON is the ultimate solution to mitigate the risk of fatal accidents from falls in MEWP operations. Its ground-breaking technology makes working at height safe, simple and easy. it is the future of safe working at height and a significant innovation in the powered access industry. 


“We are delighted to be offering the innovation Harness On to our customers here at Quick Reach. As our market share continues to grow, we need to ensure we can fulfil the specific customer requirements, and this is another example of Quick Reach listening and delivering. This product, along with significant capex investment in electric & hybrid machines in 2024, will service our sectors & strategy to ensure we are fit for the future.” Nick Parham, Managing Director 


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