Genie GR15

Genie GR15

Platform Specifications

Working Height 6.52m
Platform Height 4.52m
Height – stowed 1.57m
Lift Capacity 227kg
Width 0.75m
Length – stowed 1.35m
Lift Capacity 227kg
Turning radius – outside 1.32m
Weight 994kg
Power Electric
Manufacturer Genie



Additional Information

Compact and low-weight.

The Genie Roundabout self-propelled aerial work platforms are ideal for warehousing, logistics and general maintenance. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to manoeuvre, use and transport, delivering excellent uptime. Each model offers a variety of options and accessories to customize the machine to match the application. Genie self-propelled aerial work platforms are built to last in rougher working environments, are easy to use and have fewer parts for ease of service.
A zero inside turning radius and full elevation drive make the Genie GR15 lift ideal for warehousing, transporting, inventory management and general maintenance. Compact and low-weight, it increases productivity on the job thanks to its ability to fit through doorways and in most passenger elevators.

Working Diagrams


Key Features



Non Damaging

User Friendly

Zero Inside Turning Radius


Light Weight



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