Genie GS 4069 RT

Genie GS 4069 RT

Platform Specifications

Working Height 14.12m
Platform Height 12.12m
Travel (H) (Rails raised) 2.74m
Min (H) (Rails Lowered) 2.08m
Lift Capacity 363kg
Machine Width 1.75m
Platform Width 1.6m
Weight 4681kg
Drive at Height Yes
Deck Extension Yes
Power Diesel
Manufacturer Genie


Additional Information

3 person platform for internal use reduced to 2 people for external use.

Diesel Powered Scissor Lift is able to drive at its maximum working height of 14.12m and it also has an impressive lift capacity of 363kg.

Working Diagrams

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Key Features


Excellent Productivity

Load Capacity up to 450kg

Drivable at Full Height

Inside and Outside Use

Extended Platform

Width of 1.2m


Additional information


Max Working Height

Power Type