Hinowa 20:10

Hinowa 20:10

Platform Specifications

Working Height20.15m
Max Horizontal Outreach9.7m
Transport Length5.01m
Capacity Platform230kg
Toal Weight2940kg




Additional Information

The Lightlift 20.10 features Hinowa’s Performance IIIS system, which reduces travel and set-up time, for increased productivity.

One touch of a button takes care of outrigger deployment and levelling, as well as retraction once the job is done. Other efficiency-boosting features include auto-speed control which factors in ground conditions; and wireless remote control.

Working Diagrams

HInowa Working Diargram


Key Features


Exceptional 10-metre outreach

Excellent for close wall work

Up & over to allow easy clearance of obstacles at height

Powerful and compact

Turret rotation 360°

230kg capacity

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Max Working Height

Power Type