Lisa Peters, My journey to become a qualified IPAF Instructor

From Hire Desk Controller to Area Manager, Lisa Peters has swiftly worked her way up in Quick Reach.  With 10 years’ experience in the powered access industry, she is about to embark on a new challenge and Quick Reach are ready to support her development every step of the way.


Earlier in the week I caught up with Lisa, we talked about her development within Quick Reach and her new venture to become a fully qualified IPAF instructor.


Hello Lisa!! Thank you for taking some time to talk to me, so how long have you worked at Quick Reach?


I’ve been with Quick Reach almost from the very beginning, it will be 5 years in May.


How is Quick Reach different to other powered access companies?


It’s still got that personal touch with strong family values.  We are customer-driven and unafraid to adapt.


When did you decide to become an IPAF instructor and what set the wheels in motion to start this new journey?


I’ve always been a little bit fascinated with the ins and outs of using powered access.  After years of helping customers find the right machine, I’m ready for that hands on experience. To prepare for my training I’ve been spending a lot more time in the yard, being around the machines, driving the machines and getting to know how they work.  Every machine has its own benefits and I’m constantly discovering something new.  I’m looking forward sitting across from people and making sure the safety element is always there. 


I’ve had a desk job for the last 22 years and 10 of those years have been in powered access, I felt it was time for a new challenge and I knew becoming an instructor would be right up my street.


It’s going to be refreshing to get up from behind the desk and start something new.


I know!  I did my demonstrator course the other day. Saying everything out loud and doing everything out loud… I was like ‘Oh wow…This is real.’


How long will your training take? Looking at IPAF’s website there are quite a few steps!


  • 36 months’ MEWP operating experience 
  • IPAF Operator Licence held for 6 months minimum
  • IPAF Demonstrator Licence held for 3 months minimum
  • IPAF MEWPs for Managers course successfully completed
  • Evidence of Acceptable Instructional Techniques training (3 days minimum)
  • Successful completion of an approved Harness Instructor course
  • Evidence of IPAF MEWP-specific Instructor training (4 days minimum) 
  • Evidence of HSE required standard for First Aid at Work training level
  • Successful completion of IPAF Instructor Examination
  • Mentoring.



It’s going to be a continuous process over the next few months, I’ll take you through some of the steps.

You have to take your 3a and 3b, Demonstrator and your 1b, these courses cover all categories; they’re the basics. Because of my experience in the industry, I was able to secure a continued renewal for my PAL card. I completed my ‘MEWPS for Managers’ when I became Area Manager.


Once I have completed the ‘harness instructor’ and the ‘health and safety at work’ courses I will focus on the training side of it. I will get taught the techniques of becoming an effective trainer.


After my 5-day instructor course and exam in May, Damien Edge will take me for my 3 days of mentoring. Once he’s happy I will be good to go! So hopefully by the end of May/start of June I will be flying solo.


So, all going well, you will be our Quick Reach IPAF trainer by the Summer?


Yes! It’s very exciting.


I bet it’s going to be great to train our customers, after so many years of helping them with hires and enquiries over the phone.


It is going to be nice to put faces to people’s names! As you say, I’ve been speaking to these customers day in, day out, I’m really looking forward to meeting them in person.


Final question, if you were one of our machines what would you be and why? I would say I was a peco lift because I’m an eco-warrior, low maintenance and easy to wind up…


That’s amazing! I’d say I would be the ZX 135, it’s often described as being the Rolls Royce of our fleet.  It’s one of our biggest machines so I think that matches my big personality!


I’m sure everyone will join me in wishing Lisa the best of luck with her training and we are looking forward seeing how this new role will develop within the business in the near future.

Heather Barton.