Quick Reach achieves triple ISO certification

Congratulations to Team Quick Reach!


We are delighted to announce that after an intensive three-day audit conducted by the one of the UK’s leading ISO certification accredited bodies, QMS International Ltd, we have now been approved to operate under the three major ISO Standards; ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.


Our brilliant Quality, Health & Safety Manager, Janine Barton, has been working tirelessly over the past year to implement an effective integrated management system with the experienced support and guidance of Bob Philbrook, our ever-enthusiastic business consultant.  “A huge thank you goes to our consultant Bob Philbrook,” enthuses Janine. “With his assistance and support, we were able to prepare the required documentation more efficiently and institute the required processes that helped us through the three-day audit.”


“From the first conversation I had with David in December 2020 and starting the project in earnest in March 2021, we’ve been working incredibly hard over the past 11 months to develop an Integrated Management System (IMS) and intranet which complement each other,” explains Bob. “The co-operation from the entire Quick Reach team has been world class.”


We believe we’re the first independent powered access company in the UK to attempt and achieve a triple ISO certification in their first assessment, which is a huge accomplishment.  “Janine played a first-class role in pulling it all together,” praises Bob. “It’s a hell of an achievement.”  We felt it was important that every member of the Quick Reach team felt prepared and ready for the audit. “Somebody mentioned to me after day one; it was like pulling a rabbit from a magician’s hat, we were ready for everything the assessor asked for,” recollects Bob.


Triple Certification


So, what do these three standards mean?


Essentially, they give assurance to our customers, partners, and suppliers that we are applying best practice across the board.  We supply quality equipment and deliver reliable service; we work safely and are actively protecting the environment.  “The three standards set out the criteria for a quality, environmental and occupational health & safety integrated management system (IMS) and best practice,” explains Janine.


 ISO 9001: 2015


ISO 9001 is highly regarded as being one of the world’s most recognised Quality Management System (QMS) accreditations.   It certifies that Quick Reach is customer-focused and committed to delivering the highest quality of service.


We were assessed against seven principles of quality management:


  1. Engagement of people
  2. Customer focus
  3. Leadership
  4. Process approach
  5. Improvement
  6. Evidence- based decision making
  7. Relationship management.


ISO 14001:2015


ISO 14001 is the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and is increasingly becoming one of the most popular standards in the world as businesses strive to reduce their impact on the environment.  As we continue to ‘reach for greener’ as a company, achieving this standard was particularly important for us.


Achieving this standard demonstrates that we are improving our resource efficiency, reducing our waste, measuring our carbon footprint, and implementing policies which protect the planet.


The assessment covered four key areas:


  1. Environmental impact
  2. Management responsibility
  3. Resource Management
  4. Measurement, analysis and improvement


ISO 45001:2018


ISO 45001 has now replaced the OHSAS 18001 standard. Developed by a committee of experts this new international standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management considers the OHSAS 18001 as well as the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO-OSH) guidelines.  It is one of the most valuable Health and Safety Management systems.


By attaining the ISO 45001 we have demonstrated that we operate under the best health and safety practice to reduce the possibility of workplace accidents and breaching OH&S legislation.


Looking ahead


Throughout this entire process, we were determined to tell a story of improvement and change.  “We feel that becoming certified will help Quick Reach stand out from the crowd, grow the business further and increase customer satisfaction,” reflects Janine. “We’ll continue to maintain the IMS and will implement the observations and improvements that were recommended during the audit. Continual improvement will become an integral part of Quick Reach’s day-to-day running.”


Now that we’ve grasped the magnitude of what we’ve achieved and laid an impressive foundation; we are looking forward to further developing our business, staying proactive and continuing to improve.  Implementing and achieving this IMS accreditation has not only made managing the business easier it has also brought our team closer together. “When you shake the end of the rope, it goes right the way through the business.  Our new Integrated Management System ensures all departments are always interacting with each other.  I believe it’s the best management system, I’ve put together,” expresses Bob. “I’ve really enjoyed working with Quick Reach, it seems so much more worthwhile now we have achieved what we’ve worked so hard to.”


This has been a magnificent result for team Quick Reach and highlights our commitment as a business to offer our customers verifiably reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly powered access solutions, service, and training.


“This is a great achievement for Quick Reach,” David Barton, CEO, summarises. “We’ve faced many brick walls from the beginning of our journey in 2014. By steadily overcoming these obstacles, we’ve demonstrated just how badly we’ve wanted our achievements as a company.  These obstacles in life and business are positioned to stop people who don’t want it enough – my brother and I have never been those people. Now Team Quick Reach has overcome this particular challenge we’re ready to strive forward onto our next journey. Quick Reach was founded on genuine core values and a clear vision and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved so much in such a short time. It was one of my late brother’s aspirations to achieve this accreditation. We did it John.”


A special thank you to Bob Philbrook, whose knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm has helped us achieve our accreditation.


We’d also like to thank QMS International Ltd, who were positive, thorough, fair, and supportive throughout the auditing process.


What a fantastic way to start 2022!